Kamp Crystal Lake 
is an Underground Rap group hailing from
Buffalo, NY 

The Lowdown:
Formed in the end of summer of 2010 Kamp Crystal Lake became an instant crowd favorite with cult following in the Buffalo music scene. Their dark imagery and even darker lyrical content, has often been described as listening to short horror movies on record. The name Kamp Crystal Lake itself spawned from the Friday The 13th movie franchise where psychotic serial killer Jason Voorhees terrorizes all those who cross into his domain, Camp Crystal Lake. The group stays true to that very core bringing Horror to a whole new level of music, while putting out a very heavy hitting hardcore sound with a deadly lyrical groove, topped with catchy blood splattered hooks. 

Band Projects:
On May 13th, 2011, the group put out their first full length album entitled "KCL KILLAZ". The album became an instant hit among fans of the band. The record landed in Record stores throughout the city and covering both Erie and Niagara County and continues to sell reaching numbers in the thousands. Over the next year, Kamp Crystal Lake would perform live in concert at every chance they had widening the bands audience while spending time writing and recording the bands next project. On September 13th, 2013 the band released their 2nd full length album entitled "KILLING FIELDS" which was free to fans as a thank you for all their undying support. In 2014 the band was approached to write original music for the soundtrack to an upcoming horror film being filmed in Buffalo, NY. Talks of a long awaited remix album is in the works as well as a new album and a nationwide tour. There seems to be no slowing down for Kamp Crystal Lake.

Live Scene:
Kamp Crystal Lake has headlined many of shows and has gained enough attention to throw them into the mix as opening acts for many top names in rap music as well as steadily working with top acts in the underground.

KCL has shared the stage alongside world renowned Legendary and Underground Horrorcore, Hip Hop, and Heavy Metal acts such as: 
formerly of Def Jam... 
Ari Lehman aka  First Jason of Friday The 13th the movie
Neurotic November, Psycho Jesus, Lyrikal, Fetus, Dead Poets, Scum, Dark Half, Smallz One, Leaders of the Lost, Stemm, Molly Gruesome, Mr. Grey, ClokworC, Damn Dirty Apes, Chris Webby, iNFiNiTTi, Dice, Cap 1, Zuse, Mathew Atom, Sleep Away Camp, King Jester, Likewize, Black Truth, M.Welkin, Malicious Intent, J Heat, Stemm, His Name Was Yesterday, Skinbound, Destroy The Architech, 100 Proof Justice, Full Caliber, Boss Tribal, Static Carnival, N3wt, Armageddon Party, Waves Crashing Piano Chords, Drek, Grave Descent, Cain, Pig Rectum, Frigid Giant, Mic Mechanic, Evident Truth, The Stalkerz, Nemesis Poe, Kourt Jester, Deez, Polmar, Jigster, Sciatic Nerve Damage, Big Rich, Aj Jordan, Emcee MD, For Love or Glory, Anti-bodies, Seize The Soul, Black Summer Suicide, Building Empires, Avulsion, Rockstar Suicide, Nickel City Beat, Morgue Riot, One Way Terror, The Clockers, Inebriates, Chosen Ones, Audioburn, Havok, Psylensol, Gravity Thieves, Prescription Happiness, Molder&Matsuri, East of Eden, Cheap Thrill, Tiffany Apin, PlanetRawk, 
and the list continues growing.